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Lychee is a traditional flavored black tea from China. Brigitte Harney loves its fruity grape-like flavors. Try it hot or iced. It's delicious and aromatic.

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Briskness Body Aroma
1 2 5
Details This is a popular tea. People love the fruity flavors. Ming Tsai, the famous chef, uses it as the basis of his Blue Ginger tea. Enjoy!
Dry Leaves Black leaves that have a slight twist.
Liquor Dark brown.
Aroma The wonderful aromas of Chinese lychees abound.
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body This is a simple black tea and is medium bodied.
Flavors The grape-like flavors of lychee are the attraction.
Brewing Time 4 to 5 minutes
Brewing Temp 212° Fº
Lychee has a rating of 3.8 stars based on 6 reviews.