New England Teamaker Hops

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A friend in the next town grows these Teamaker hops. We love the name, of course. It turns out that this particular type of hops is not bitter like the ones used in an IPA. So if you want a unique and bracing brew, please give it a try.

Mike's Tea Ratings

Briskness: 3
Body: 1
Aroma: 3
Details: A unique herbal made from local hops. Please use 6-8 cones per cup.
Dry Leaves: Toasted, green hops cones
Liquor: Pale green
Aroma: A combination of grilled lemons and asparagus
Caffeine Level: Caffeine-free
Body: Light-bodied
Flavors: Mellow vegetal flavors and bright citrus notes
Brewing Time: 5
Brewing Temp: 212º