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We are pleased to bring you this special offering, as Tencha is rare to find for sale, even inside Japan. Tencha is the base green tea for making powdered matcha. Dark in color yet light in the cup, this tea has a lot of body (or umami) and no roast flavors.

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Details Why offer what no one else offers? Well, the question answers itself; we like being different. Also, Tencha looks stunning and delivers a lovely cup of tea. Finally, we like the educational value of comparing and contrasting this tea with other teas, especially Matcha. It is amazing that the vivid green flecks that make a clear liquor become a duller green and and opaque when ground between two rotating stones.
Dry Leaves These tea leaves look like no other: small, dark green, round, and ragged flecks. This is because Tencha is a grown in the shade, like Gyokuro. We get our Tencha from the source of the best Matcha: Uji. After plucking by hand, the leaves are cut and dried by warm air.
Liquor Although the leaves are a very dark green, the tea brews up a light yellow green, very different from Matcha.
Aroma There is a light vegetal aroma of lightly cooked spinach, with the slight sweetness of steamed white rice. Since this tea is dried by air, without any direct contact with intense heat, there are no roasty toasty aromas. This is unlike any other Japanese green tea.
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body Given the light liquor, the body is surprisingly full. This is because the amount of amino acids that give body and create umami is higher in shade-grown plants.
Flavors A cup of this tea delivers on the aromas, light spinach backed by the rounded sweetness of steamed rice. And there are none of the roasted nuts or toasty flavors found in other Japanese teas.
Brewing Time 1 to 2 minutes
Brewing Temp 160° Fº
Tencha has a rating of 4.6 stars based on 10 reviews.
$ 80.00