Tilleul (Linden Leaves)


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From Provence, France comes Tilleul, a light and lively blend of the linden tree's fragrant flowers and leaves. The naturally caffeine free herbal is prized for its subtle floral quality as well as its mild digestive and sleep benefits. The flowers and tender leaves produce a light, woodsy brew as beautiful as its taste in a mingling of forest-like green and yellow that's all part of the charm.

We will be packing this in a cut leaf due to availability issues. 

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Mike's Tea Ratings

Briskness: 1
Body: 1
Aroma: 1
Details: Because Brigitte Harney is French, we are always on the lookout for traditional French beverages. And one does not get more French or more traditional thanTilleul. This is what Proust remembered along with some nice Madeleine cookies, so create some fond memories.
Dry Leaves: Large tilleul (linden tree) leaves and flowers.
Liquor: A very clean, clear, light green.
Aroma: Subtle aromas of flowers and woods.
Caffeine Level: Caffeine Free
Body: This tisane is very light in body.
Flavors: The flavors are elegant and understated. They are reminiscent of chamomile, but with a woodsy note.
Brewing Time: 5 minutes
Brewing Temp: 212° Fº