Tippy Yunnan


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Yunnan is the birthplace of tea. The big black leaves of Tippy Yunnan have a touch of gold, and it brews up medium-bodied and round. It has a good balance of sweet and earthy notes, with none of the smokiness that overpowers other Yunnans.

Mike's Tea Ratings

Briskness: 1
Body: 3
Aroma: 3
Details: If Keemuns are the aristocrats of Chinese black teas, Yunnan black teas are the poor but happy cousins. Earthy and assertive, the teas have a maple sweetness that gives them charm. Yunnan black teas come from the remote region of China down near the borders with Laos and Burma. This is where teas are thought to have originated. Much of the tea in this region is aged to make puerhs.
Dry Leaves: Slightly twisted leaves, it is a mixture of dark black leaves and golden tips. This tea is covered by the faintest of film from the golden down.
Liquor: Yunnan's liquor is a dark caramel.
Aroma: An earthiness characteristic of most Yunnan teas, with some sweetness, edging towards maple syrup. There are hints of spice.
Caffeine Level: Caffeinated
Body: Medium bodied; somewhat astringent.
Flavors: The earthiness continues matching the aroma, with spice notes coming more to the fore.
Brewing Time: 4 to 5 minutes
Brewing Temp: 212° Fº