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Pu-erhs are the only truly ferment teas and they are made in the remote Yunnan Province (where the first tea plants were found). For the traditional method (aka green, raw, and sheng), the tea leaves are made and then stored. Then naturally occurring yeast react with the dry tea leaves, creating new and changing aromas and flavors. Sort of like sourdough bread, however it takes years and decades. For this Pu-erh, the aging and fermentation process has sped up. The Chinese have used the "wo dui" (the moist track). They pile the oxidized leaves into a heap in moist rooms, where the fermentation process is accelerated. This tea can brewed several times, for each additional brew, please steep tea an extra 15-30 seconds.
Dry Leaves Large twisted dark brown leaves, with a bit of dust on the leaves.
Liquor Inky: dark and murky
Aroma The aroma is an earthy flavor.
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body This is a medium bodied tea
Flavors Earthy and the better flavors to be found in a barnyard, like a simple Burgundy red wine. The flavors lighten and sweeten after a few brews.
Brewing Time No
Brewing Temperature 205° F


An ancient tea from Yunnan, its earthy pleasures are treasured by some. Brigitte Harney is especially a fan.
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Pu-erh - loose tea sample
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Customer Reviews

Jo Anne


A good digestive tea
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This is a tea that really settles the stomach after a rich (i. e. fatty) meal. I eat fried chicken frequently and I never have any problems related to consuming oily dishes. It is a very good quality tea.



Drink Pu-erh every morning
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My husband and I drink Pu-erh tea from Harney's every morning and have been doing so for many years. We love it's unique flavor!

Renata L


Current Favorite Tea
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I have almost a dozen teas from Harney & Sons, but this is my all time favorite. It brews a really rich & dark color. The flavor is strong, yet mild. As in, it's not overpowering, but you definitely taste it. It doesn't taste watered down like some others. I enjoy it best with coconut milk & honey. It doesn't really have a scent to me. Even my husband, a non tea drinker, loves it.

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