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It’s wonderful spending time with family and friends during the holidays… except when your three-year-old nephew gives you a giant hug and a sloppy kiss just before you realize he’s got a cold.

Yep, it’s the not-most wonderful time of the year: cold season. While our teas can’t magically ward off a cold, they can do a lot to make your misery less, umm, miserable. And who knows, with our teas chock full of all-natural ingredients containing properties that are good for what ails you, they might just have a little magic in them after all.

Here are some ingredients found in our teas that have proven cold-fighting and/or symptom-easing benefits.

Oranges (of course)

A superhero of cold season, oranges are well known for being packed full of vitamin C. Add our  Blood Orange tea to your OJ regimen for a little extra dose of the good stuff.

Strawberries and Kiwi

While oranges may hog the vitamin C spotlight, over on the sidelines strawberries and kiwis are also jammed (so to speak) with this vitamin, and strawberries are also loaded with antioxidants. Fortunately for you, we’ve put them both in our eponymously named  Strawberry Kiwi Fruit Tea and our  Berry Young blend. You’re berry welcome!

Lemon Balm

Another vitamin C powerhouse, lemon balm’s scent is also refreshing -- like comfort food for your nose. Try our  Lemon Herbal tea for a true lemony experience, or  Lull Away with other beneficial ingredients designed to help you get a much-needed good night’s sleep.


Speaking of sleep-- resting when you have a cold is imperative to getting better, and there’s no better tea for sleeping than chamomile. Make a cup of our traditional  Chamomile tea, try our  Yellow & Blue with chamomile and lavender, or curl up with a cup of  Mother’s Bouquet, because moms make things all better when you’re sick.

Rose Hips

While rose hips sound like lyrics from a love song (“she had ruby red lips and beautiful rose hips”), they’re actually the fruit of the rose plant and have a high vitamin C content. We use rose hips in many of our teas; try  Birthday Tea,  Indigo Punch or  Orange Passion Fruit for a flavorful and healthy sick-bed treat.


If you catch a cold, drink some catechins. Catechins are antioxidants found in green teas, and especially so in matcha. Catechins can help boost your immune system (so you don’t get a cold) or help reduce inflammation (if you have a cold). More widely used in Japan for its cold-fighting properties than here in the U.S., it is not uncommon for matcha tea to be used for gargling in Japan to combat a sore throat! Or you can just sip your  Matcha Tea at a nice warm temperature.


The to-the-rescue remedy of upset tummies, ginger is also recommended for treating coughs and colds (you might say ginger gets to theroot of the problem!). We also like it because it tastes great. Go for a straightforward  Ginger tea, or branch out with our  Green Tea with Coconut,  Ginger & Vanilla or  Peaches & Ginger. For a one-two punch, enjoy our  Ginger Liquorice tea (licorice root has a soothing effect on mucus membranes).


Another powerhouse in the battle against phlegm, peppermint is smooth and relaxing when life is scratchy and snotty. Three of our tea options include  Peppermint Herbal,  Chocolate Mint and  Mint Verbena.


Got chills? Cinnamon is just the ticket to warm your body. It also helps clear congestion and is like an oasis of yum in a sea of yuck. You can’t go wrong with our bestselling  Hot Cinnamon Spice, or go decaf with our  herbal version. 

Turn Your Tea into a Toddy

Take your cold remedy up a notch by adding whiskey, brandy or rum to a classic black tea like  Earl Grey, along with some honey and lemon. Spice up your toddy with our  Hot Apple Spice tea,  Ginger’s Oolong or  Hot Cinnamon Spice. Or, you can go the Un-Toddy route: delete the alcohol but amp up the flavor and soothe factor by keeping the honey and lemon, or add an orange slice, cinnamon sticks, apple juice or whatever sounds good. Remember to warm your teacup or mug before you make your Hot Tea Toddy for maximum wrap-your-hands-around-it comfort.

We know colds are (s)not fun… hopefully our teas can help bring relief. Let us know what your favorite tea remedy is in the comments below.

Emeric Harney
Emeric Harney

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Debra T Williams
Debra T Williams

March 25, 2020

Great article

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