November 14, 2018 2 min read

From awkward office holiday parties to forced family gatherings, events around the holidays seem to always be accompanied by a gift exchange of some sort. Whether you need a silly white elephant gift or are someone’s secret Santa, we have presents for everyone on your list. Yes, even your chatty coworker. Read on for 5 awesome ideas for your next gift exchange and spend more time enjoying the snack table and less time stressing out over whether or not the recipient of your gift is going to like what you’ve given them.


For the Coworker Who Puts “Casual” in “Business Casual”

It’s time for a new tea-shirt. They’ll love the super-soft, yet durable fabric and you’ll love seeing them in something outside of their typical band t-shirts and worn basics. We personally love this Sip, Sip Hooray t-shirt and this Sip Me Baby One More Time tee and think they will too. PS. the Sip, Sip Hooray t-shirt has a matching mug!

For the Indecisive Relative

Whether it’s choosing what they want for dinner or whether they’re going to attend the family trip this year, we all have that relative who has a hard time making up their mind and sticking to it. Our Black Box Sampler is the perfect gift for the indecisive person in your life. Filled with an assortment of teas, this sampler pack gives them the freedom to try everything instead of choosing just one.

For the Outdoorsy Officemate

This popular enamel mug is perfect for the outdoorsy officemate in your life as it will handle the knocks of travel and bears the motto 'The Adventure Begins'. With a compass detail on the base, this durable mug is ideal for camping, festivals or journeys closer to home - like the one from your couch to the kitchen and back.


For the Coworker Who is Always Cold

Our HT Snowstorm Survival Guide will help warm up the coldest of coworkers (talking about their body temperature, of course). We've hand-picked four of our coziest teas, each perfect for staying warm when the weather outside is frightful. From herbal favorites perfect for winding down to black teas that'll perk them up, this collection has a tea that's ready to get them through the snow.

For the Bride or Groom to Be

Although they have their love to keep them warm, newly engaged couples will enjoy wrapping their hands around a toasty, handcrafted Mr. and Mrs. mug filled with our Wedding Tea this winter. If your sweethearts like something a little sweeter, our natural honey beverage stirrers included in our wedding gift will help take their brew to the next level.

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