Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

We’ve made mother’s day gift shopping easy with teas that fit different types of moms.

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When it comes to choosing Mother’s Day gifts, we all want those gifts to be thoughtful and reflective of the awesome mom(s) we’re shopping for. That’s why we’ve curated some Mother’s Day gift ideas tailored to several different types of moms, including gifts for expecting moms, gifts for new moms, unique gifts for gardener moms, happy-hour moms, granola moms, and more! Whether the mom, moms, or mom-like people in your life are already tea fans or are new to tea, you’ll find gifts for moms here that are as special as she is or they are.

Expecting Mom

Thanks to the wonderful world of herbal teas, expecting moms can continue to enjoy tea to their heart’s content while caring for their unborn child. Naturally caffeine-free, herbal teas are a worry-free way for moms-to-be to indulge in something delicious and calming as they get ready for the big adventure called motherhood! Some herbal teas to consider:

Find more info about tea and expectant moms on our Drinking Tea During Pregnancy blog.

New Mom

For that exciting but often exhausting time in a mom’s life, we’ve put together a combo of both caffeinated and decaf teas – caffeine to help with focus and energy for the sleep-deprived mom, and decaf teas for those times when she finally gets to sit down and rest. Also for those moms who are breastfeeding and want to avoid caffeine, the decaf teas are a great option (and the Expecting Mom teas above are good for those new moms too).

  • Mother’s Day. An herbal no-brainer for the new mom.
  • Summer Afternoon. A light and lovely caffeinated green tea with lemon, grapefruit, herbs, and honey for a li’l pick-me-up.
  • Chocolate Mint. Because mom deserves a treat!
  • Berry Cobbler. Naturally, caffeine-free rooibos provides all kinds of health benefits to this wonderfully fruity tea.
  • Decaf Hot Cinnamon Spice. She’ll love this decaf version of our most popular tea.

Granola Mom

You know who she is: that mom who heads straight for the organic section of the grocery store, who grows her own food, and recycles everything in sight. These are the moms who are sure to appreciate organic teas and hemp teas. Oh, and make sure to tell her that every sale at Harney & Sons allows us to donate to 1% for the Planet to help lessen our global footprint – a bonus gift!

Happy Hour-Loving Mom

For the moms who love the “spirit” of the “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” mantra, there’s a tea for that! Let her feel like it’s 5PM even when it’s 10AM with these alcohol-free teas that still have all the flavor and festive attitude she loves. Party on, Mom!

  • Bee’s Knees. A customer-submitted tea and winner of our 2020 Happy Blendings contest, it’s inspired by the popular 1920s gin cocktail.
  • Black Cask Bourbon. If you give her this intense bourbon-flavored tea, she’ll ask you to build her a fire. And you’ll do it because it’s Mother’s Day.
  • Japanese Whisky. This tea is finished with an 8-hour smoking over wood chips…so you might as well keep that fire going.
  • Raspberry Mojito. This tea, however, will transport her straight to the beach. Little umbrellas are optional.
  • Island Dreams. The beach vibes continue with the rum and coconut flavors in this green tea.

Gardener Mom

From the earliest days of spring (or maybe even before) to the last frost (or maybe a bit after), gardening moms are at their happiest working the dirt. Blends like the ones we suggest here are just a sampling of teas like our florals and other earthy teas, like matchas or rooibos, that every gardener mom is sure to appreciate.

  • Garden Party. Another great customer idea and winner of our 2021 Happy Blendings contest, the garden mom will enjoy this rhubarb-flavored green tea.
  • Jane’s Garden. Our friend Jane was a lifelong gardener, and we created this garden-centric tea in her honor.
  • French Super Blue Lavender. All lavender, all day.
  • Rose Scented. Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” but we beg to disagree with the Bard that this tea would taste as rosy by any other name!
  • Chamomile. This Egyptian chamomile tisane is as gardener mom as it gets.

Artsy Mom

Art? Check. Books? Check. Movies? Check. You can also check off your shopping list for the mom who loves all forms of art with these teas.

  • The Met Gift. We partnered with The Metropolitan Museum of Art to create artful tins and special teas sure to please the mom who loves art. She’ll also love to learn about the art behind the tea on our Met Collection Teas blog.
  • Little Women. We pay homage to the place where Louisa May Alcott wrote and set this classic novel with this apple-forward tea.
  • Alice in Wonderland. The first of our Wonderland teas, whether Mom loves the book and/or the movies, she’ll fall down the rabbit hole for these teas.
  • Mad Hatter. It’s always tea time with our Mad Hatter blend!

World Traveler Mom

If her passport is never far away and always up to date,  you have a world traveler mom. Help satisfy her urge to travel even when she’s home with our global city-themed teas. Here are just five:

  • Tower of London. She’ll enjoy this flavored black and oolong tea blend as rich as the crown jewels housed in this storied tower.
  • Tokyo. Green tea with toasted sesame seeds and caramel will whisk her away.
  • Irish Breakfast. If Mom likes a stout hello to the day, this tea is it! Just like the Irish like it.
  • Paris. Oui think she will love this best seller.
  • New York Blend. This tea is a lovely balance to the hectic city vibe with chamomile, ginger root, and peppermint.

New to Tea Mom

For the mom who has never tried tea or thinks “tea is not for me,” we have some ideas. Check out these tried-and-true best sellers – four of which are included below – and some fun tea wares that turn a “tea no” into a “tea yes!” 

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