As The Tea Steeps: A Harney & Sons Podcast

Date: February 15 2018 | Written By: Emeric Harney | 4 Comments


Julie Neu
April 06 2018

We’ve been regular visitors in Millerton for years and thus already knew some of the origin story and have met some of the members of the Harney family, but we still devoured the podcast. Thanks for putting the pod together and sharing your backstory.

March 31 2018

I just discovered this podcast and I am enjoying it quite a bit. I’ve been around tea all my life, but it has only been in the last few years where I’ve appreciated it more. I’ve been primarily buying the 2$ samples to try as many of your teas as I can. I love your Hot Cinnamon, and Malachi McCormick!!
In the future of this podcast, I would LOVE to hear from the masters about your teas, steep times, temperatures, how you evaluate teas and things like that.
I’m still learning a lot about teas. For example, I /JUST/ discovered a few months ago that brewing a Green tea at a lower temperature and shorter steep time made them more appealing to me. I used to brew them like I did Black teas. I’ve found that I can brew a cup of your Scottish Morn, leave it steeping in the cup and drink, then refill the cup with hot water many times through the day and I love the stronger taste at first and the milder taste at the end of day. I also really like your All India, but I can NOT let it steep for long before it gets too bitter for me.
These things I’ve figured out on my own but I’d love to hear on the podcast how you brew and evaluate teas.

Sue Scott
March 28 2018

I loved hearing about the kids getting started in the business so early when the business was based at home, and how the conveyor belt ran through the greenhouse into the basement. Truly a labor of love.

John Millstead
February 19 2018

I am thoroughly enjoying the new podcast. I listened to all three episodes over the weekend and can’t wait until further installments. Way to go!

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