Teas For Gardening Season

Teas For Gardening Season

In celebration of spring and gardening season, we highlight some of our favorite teas with complex earthy flavors.

In most places around the country, gardening season is in full bloom, if you will! From planting to those early exciting harvests and throughout the rest of the summer, gardeners are up to their elbows ‚Äď or maybe just wrists ‚Äď in dirt, plants and more. Even if you‚Äôre not a gardener yourself, you may enjoy nature‚Äôs bounty at a farmer‚Äôs market or, eventually, in the excess tomatoes that your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers will foist on you!

In celebration of the gardening season, we thought we‚Äôd talk about some of the more ‚Äúearthy‚ÄĚ teas we offer. Tea does come from a plant, after all, so it‚Äôs only natural that some of them are a reflection of the place from which they sprang. Read on to discover some teas for gardening season ‚Äď we think you‚Äôll really dig them! As to which ones you should choose, there‚Äôs ‚Äúgnome‚ÄĚ wrong choice!

Butterfly Pea Flower Teas

While our list of floral teas is quite extensive and flowers, of course, are a big part of spring gardens, the best example of an earthier type of floral tea is butterfly pea flower. There are unique woody and earthy undertones and aroma to this flower that is part of what makes our Indigo Punch and Butterfly Pea Flower tisanes special. In addition to having Ayurvedic properties, butterfly pea flower is popular for its magic trick of turning from its natural beautiful blue hue to a lovely purple with the addition of acid, most often lemon juice.

Rooibos Teas

This very popular tea is derived from the South African rooibos plant and is known for its distinctive red color as well as its antioxidant properties and other benefits. We carry several rooibos blends, all of them with the signature rooibos color, earthy flavor and absence of caffeine. We even make two of our most popular blends in a rooibos version: Herbal Hot Cinnamon Spice and Paris. If you’re a fan of the regular versions of these teas, you should consider taking these rooibos versions for a spin and see how you feel about these more musky herbal versions.

Mushroom Teas

It doesn‚Äôt get much more earthy than mushrooms! While many people may still be surprised to learn there are teas made with mushrooms, they have grown in popularity due to their wellness benefits. We use chaga mushrooms, known for numerous health benefits like naturally boosting immunity and help the body reduce stress. So go ahead, be a ‚Äúfungi‚ÄĚ and check out our Chaga Mushroom, Chaga Wonder and Chaga Chai blends. They‚Äôre full of other wonderful nutrients that we need just like our plants do!

Avocado Teas

Avocados have definitely moved beyond guacamole and toast in recent years to take its rightful place as a superfood ‚Äď so why not extend all the benefits that avocados have to your tea? Try our Avocado Leaf or Avocado Sunrise tisanes for a wonderful, good-for-you cuppa. While Avocado Leaf is truly just that ‚Äď the leaves of avocado plants ‚Äď Avocado Sunrise contains many other all-natural ingredients including hemp flowers and leaves, holy basil, moringa leaves and coconut pieces, all things to help you feel your best. Now get to work in that garden!


Whether you love it, can’t imagine it or are just matcha-curious, there’s no denying that matcha deserves a spot on the earthy list! With a flavor that is most often described as vegetal with flavors of spinach and artichoke, we offer a nice variety to suit every level of matcha drinker, from the novice to the die-hard fan. From straight up matcha to flavored to buckwheat matcha, there’s something for every matcha drinker to enjoy, whether it’s the flavor, the green tea benefits, the fun it is to whisk up a cuppa or all of the aforementioned!

Yunnan Teas

The Yunnan province of China is one of the main tea growing regions and is considered the birthplace of tea. Yunnan teas are earthy, almost gutty and assertive, but they also have a special maple sweetness to give them accessible charm. Two of our favorite yunnan teas that we would recommend you try if you are not already a fan are Tippy Yunnan and Yunnan Golden Tips. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the complimentary balance of earthiness and sweetness. 


Saving the most earthy of the earthy teas for last, pu-erhs are a yunnan tea that has been fermented. With its caked packaging and one-of-a-kind flavor and aroma, this ancient beverage is the only truly fermented tea. Browse our pu-erh collection and see for yourself why this tea wins the Most Likely to Smell Like a Garden tea award!

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