Teafluencers: Warren Adler, The Man Behind the Books

Date: September 19 2017 | Written By: Emeric Harney | 5 Comments


September 27 2017

Great Article! As we all know~Tea makes everything better!

Lee Ann Owens
September 20 2017

Thank you for the article about Warren Adler. His commentary is equally informative and inspirational. As a writer, I encounter more rejection than encouragement. But Mr. Adler validates this pattern is normal for anyone working in the arts. I’ll just keep writing and do better. A spot of tea along the way won’t hurt either. Write on!

Karisha Kirk
September 20 2017

Thank you so much for this fascinating interview!

Jerilyn Pelikan
September 20 2017

This is a wonderful interview and I love the authors enjoyment of tea. I would love to see more interviews if this kind. Thank you.

September 20 2017

This is, by far, my favorite article I’ve read here! Inspiring indeed. Love Mr. Adler’s well measured replies and your questions also. I hope he choses to try more of your teas, because as for me: tea opens moments of quiet bliss like little else. New tea= fresh inspiration!

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