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Powdered green teas have been consumed in China and Japan for centuries. However it is only in the last few decades that Westerners have acquired a taste for this ancient tea. We enjoy the bracing vegetal flavors, as well as the unusual process for preparing the tea. We offer a range of thin, thick and extra thick Matcha grades depending upon your taste and purpose, as well as accessories you'll need for preparation and serving.

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Briskness Body Aroma
3 4 2
Details There was a time when the only tea consumed consisted of powdered tea leaves mixed with hot water. It was at that time time that the Japanese developed their great affection for tea. Traditionally, Japanese aristocrats used matcha for their tea ceremony. It was only in the 1800's that Japanese commoners started to drink brewed tea like Sencha and Bancha. This ancient tea is made from a shade grown tea, the best coming from outside of Kyoto near the suburb of Uji. After harvest, the tea (called Tencha) is air dried. The dry flakes are taken to a "clean" room filled with rotating millstones and everything is covered with green dust. After a full hour of grinding, each stone produces two ounces of dried Matcha.
Dry Leaves This tea is made from a raw tea called Tencha that is air dried, then dried flakes are ground between two stones, just like centuries ago. The result is a fine powder that is almost neon green.
Liquor The liquor is made by dissolving the tea powder into water. There is no brewing like with other teas. You drink the leaf! The liquor is thick and frothy from the mixing. It is an opaque brilliant green color.
Aroma The aromas are faint and only discernible from the broth. They offer hints of honeydew melon sweetness over a base note of cooked spinach. Since it comes from air dried teas, there are no notes of toastiness.
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body Unjonotomo is an "extra thick" matcha using high quality, sweet leaves. It is a smooth and creamy matcha. Senjunomukashi is a "thick matcha", so it is thick and bracing. Jobetsugi is a "thin matcha", so it is a bit lighter in body than our Senjunomukashi, but still it is strong and bracing.
Flavors Traditionally enjoyed hot (although we offer it iced at our stores), Jobetsugi is a mouthfilling experience. The spinach and artichokes flavors are most obvious. Since this is a thin matcha, the flavors are muted. Senjunomukashii is a mouth-filling, even head-filling broth. Unjonotomo is very thick bodied, but the sweetest and creamiest of our Matchas. The flavors of Tencha are amplified exponentially. Our Matchas taste intensely of spinach and artichokes, followed by a bracing caffeine bite.
Brewing Time 1 to 2 minutes
Brewing Temp 160° Fº

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