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Harney & Sons Sampler - Green Loose Teas

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Green tea continues to be a popular topic in the news and conversation, having gained widespread appeal in the West. Discover and enjoy green teas yourself, or introduce them to a friend with our latest Sampler Set. There are four tins per set, each with about 1 ounce of loose tea. New for this season from China and Japan:

  • Hunan Mao Jian, with good, vegetal flavors like zucchini and summer squash
  • Kagoshima, with assertive flavors of green bell peppers and the rounded roasted flavors of walnuts
  • Lung Ching, known for its "meatiness" of roasted eggplant flavor, with similar steamed bok choy and roasted walnuts
  • Yanagi, with a taste of steamed leaf vegetables like spinach or tatsoi with some roasted flavors. Each tea in this set contains caffeine.