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CTC Assam

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Enjoy tea as they drink it in India. Our CTC Assam has a striking amber color, rich flavor, and a full body. It is a key ingredient in several of our blends, including the East Frisian and Chai. It takes milk and sugar and can also be enjoyed solo. An espresso-style tea!


Black tea.

Mike's Rating

3 Briskness
5 Body
3 Aroma
 Details: CTC means the tea has been processed in a "cut, tear, and curl" machine. Tea leaves are shoved in the top, totally destroyed, and then reformed into pellets. These pellets turn brown (oxidize) very quickly. This makes for a super-brisk tea. In Assam, most tea is made like this because it is easy to make and there is much demand for this style.
 Dry Leaves: Dark leaves, cut into small uniform pieces (cut, tear, curl).
 Liquor: Dark brown.
 Aroma: Assertive, sweet-charred aromas like roasted sweet onions.
 Flavors: Most people drink this tea for its strength. The flavors are secondary, especially if milk and sugar are added. There are subtle roasted malt notes.
 Caffeine Level: Caffeinated
 Body: Full-bodied, about as full-bodied a tea that we sell. It is intensely brisk or astringent. Most people like to add milk.
 Brewing Time: 4 minutes
 Brewing Temp: 212º