Memories of Saint Patrick's Days Past

Date: March 17 2017 | Written By: Mike Harney | 4 Comments


Heather Z
March 28 2017

Ah, that might explain why your Irish Breakfast tastes so strong, but I sometimes like plain bold black tea, so perhaps I am Irish and not just Scottish, my Maternal grandfather I believe was Scot, because the last name is Glaister – which I’ve always had a problem spelling, because I wasn’t focusing when my mom was spelling it, hahahaha, I zoom out and daydream, which is bad, ‘cause my teeth have been suffering from it, and Bananas may in fact, contain too much natural sugars.
Anyway, enough about that!
I drink many teas through the day, not just one, so I have a very big collection myself, but now I’ve got too much, and there are some loose that I probably could drink every day just to get out of the way as I ain’t much fond of them, but I prefer to rotate and not drink the same one every few days, except Bigelow’s Organic Green tea upon waking, but I’ve got so much green tea already that I’ve been drinking Tokyo and other greens upon waking, it also helps the Bigelow one last longer so I ain’t buying a 120 bag box. I love Stash, Harney & sons, Adaigo, Tazo [a few of their teas], Tiesta Teas, Mighty Leaf, Pure Leaf, Lipton [though only a few, as I don’t much enjoy drinking Soy Lecithin]; and I think there may be one or two other ones, but also only a few are liked.
Anyway, as you can see I’m an aficionado, I guess you could say. And when I say loose teas, I mean 20+ in tins and pouches, and a few 1 oz bags in loose as well.

Michele Maatta
March 20 2017

Typo, * I am a coffee and tea lover!

Michele Maatta
March 20 2017

I am so happy to have found a provider of such fine teas! I am not a coffee and tea lover, and I enjoy the best of both. Finding Harney & Sons just brought my tea joy to a new level of excellence.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, my celebratory green beverage for the day was a premium Matcha Latté with Unjonotomo, of course!

Lisa Sullivan
March 18 2017

Loved Mr. Harney…. Happy St. Patty’s Day in heaven.

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