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Iced tea is the most popular way to make tea in the USA. So we made sure we had the best tasting tea. The natural sweetness tastes great when served over ice, and you can add garnishes or flavors. Brewing directions: 1) Boil 2 cups of water and pour over a tea bag into a gallon container. 2) Steep for 15 minutes and then fill the container with 6 cups of cold water. 3) Remove teabag and gently squeeze it. 4) Garnish with fresh peach or mint.
Dry Leaves Black leaves with a slight twist.
Liquor Brown with slight russet tints.
Aroma Dark fruit aromas rise from the tea.
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body The Chinese tea blend makes for a mellow tea that is medium bodied.
Flavors The juicy fruit flavors are the attraction for this iced tea.
Brewing Time No
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Peach Iced Tea

Notes of Georgia peaches and hand-picked full leaf Chinese black tea combined together for a refreshing tea with sweet earthy tones.
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Peach Iced Tea - 6 pouch tin
SKU: 20213
Peach Iced Tea - 15 pouch bag
SKU: 20233

Customer Reviews

Virginia Tea Drinker


The Peach Iced Tea is the best for iced tea
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As everyone knows, iced tea is a wonderful year-round treat and the Harney Peach variety is the best. No need for extra sweetener--the peach flavor is a subtle enhancement and all that's necessary. Please make this available year round for those who do not have a warehouse.



Easy to make, delicious to drink
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This is a wonderful drink for a summer dinner party; the tin is a great thank you gift

Debbie :-)


The BEST Sweet Tea ever!
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We are from the South where sweet tea is a food group. (Literally!). This is the best tea for sweet tea I have ever tasted! To Liz's comment below, we use a gallon pitcher and the tea tastes fabulous. We do brew it with sugar like the Southern way, but we still get a very distinctive peach flavor, not watered down at all. The quality of this tea is amazing, not bitter, very smooth. I'm so glad I discovered it comes in a 15 pouch bag so I can refill my Peach Tea tin instead of buying a new tin every time! Thanks Harney & Sons!

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