Dark Pearl Oolong

An exceptional oolong with extraordinarily rich, toasty flavors and a full body that unfolds on the palate. Watch our Dark Pearl Oolong as it steeps, and you'll see each pearl unfurl into broad leaves that leave unrivaled flavor in their wake. The result is a beautiful profile that draws on dark notes of grilled peaches below and a light, lingering flavor of fresh toast above, so that each sip invites you to take another. Mike & his son Emeric have very different inclinations when it comes to oolongs. Mike leans into lighter, more floral and creamy oolongs whereas Emeric is predisposed to toastier and darker ones.

It is from from Taiwan's eastern coast in Taitung. Mike visited there in 2018. Like with Fanciest Formosa Oolong, the Chin Shin tea plants are allowed to get infested with leaf hoppers. This triggers the plants to react and excrete a defense compound that taste sweet. 

Mike's Tea Ratings

Briskness: 1
Body: 3
Aroma: 2
Details: An oolong tea that stands above the rest, from the 'pearls' within the leaves to the warm, toasty flavors.
Dry Leaves: Brown leaves rolled to appear like 'pearls'
Liquor: Bronze
Aroma: Grilled peaches
Caffeine Level: Caffeinated
Body: Light in body
Flavors: Fresh toast
Brewing Time: 3
Brewing Temp: 180º