Teafluencers: Stephanie of Tea Journal

Date: January 23 2018 | Written By: Emeric Harney | 8 Comments


Tcelia Klosowicz
February 08 2018

Can you please tell me the back drop of where your sitting it is so beautiful reminds me of the Smoky mts. Thank you so much.
Tcelia Klosowicz

February 07 2018

I also love the Earl Grey and Paris teas!! Loved the Tea Journal. Thanks for sharing.

February 07 2018

I Also love tea. But I can’t stand Earl Gray because of the Bergamot in it. It makes me sick. I also don’t like Chai. Just give me black, green, white tea any day without any additions.

February 07 2018

Really enjoyed Stephanie’s tea journal and brings back memories of a recent trip to the UK where we visited our good friends in Hythe in Kent. The various tea options were so comforting. My favorite was afternoon tea at the home of new friends Liz and Bob!!

February 07 2018

I couldn’t agree more than “pay attention to brew time.” My husband and I both have gotten into the habit of using the timer for our teas – 5 minutes for black tea, herbal tea and rooibos; 3 minutes for green tea or white tea. The temperature is also important – a rolling boil for black teas, and less than a full boil is perfect for green or white. It makes all the difference! I shudder when I see people who dont even both to remove the bag from their mug or cup of tea, and it steeps endlessly. Perfection is so easy to obtain!

February 07 2018

I enjoyed reading about you and tea Stephanie. I start every day with a cup of Masala Chai. I would love to see your Classic Chai recipe if you please!

February 05 2018

Kindred spirit…☕️?

January 29 2018

I love chai tea ☕️

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