Still Brew-ding? Teavana Tea Replacements Are Here!

Date: January 15 2018 | Written By: Emeric Harney | 14 Comments


March 18 2018

Replacement for blackberry mojito?Teavana Blackberry Mojito – Apple pieces, green tea, hibiscus flowers, raspberries, rose hip peels, natural flavor, blackberries, spearmint, cactus petals, plum pieces (plums, rice flour).

February 13 2018

This list is great! Would love a replacement for their Lavender Creme tea too! That was my favorite!

February 09 2018

can you please make something similar to pineapple Kona pop and rev up. I have been searching all over and buying teas from other places that smell and taste so artificial I can’t stand it.

February 08 2018

How about maharaja chai oolong & samurai chai mat

February 08 2018

Thanks for the list. Any recommendation to replace Golden Dragon?

February 08 2018

Any plans to replace Blueberry Bliss and Pineapple Kona Pop?

Jammie johnson
February 06 2018

Yes plz

January 30 2018

Will you have a replacement for Strawberry Slender Pu-Erh® Tea from Teavana?
January 22 2018

Love your teas. Want to buy them in bulk!

David A Coleman
January 21 2018

This is good but what do you have to replace what may be considered their signature teas? I mean, of course, the Maharaja chai oolong & the samurai chai maté.

George Vanik
January 19 2018

Are there plans for a substitute for Teavanna’s Lavender Dreams planed?

January 18 2018

Will you be making Strawberry Slender Pu-Erh® Tea from Teavana?

Andrew Fitzgerald
January 16 2018

Thank you guys so much for this wonderful list! It helps so much!

January 15 2018

Thanks, I am glad you did this. Every time I am in Teavana I think to myself I wish these had no sugar… of any kind.

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