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Peppermint has been enjoyed as an herbal brew for a long time. People appreciate its refreshing flavor and it can help calm an overly active stomach. It can be chilled and used during the hot months. Ours comes from Oregon, and is about the only tea or tisane that comes from the USA.
Dry Leaves Peppermint leaves from Oregon.
Liquor A light green with brown undertones.
Aroma A fresh minty aroma.
Caffeine Level Caffeine Free
Body Peppermint is light in body.
Flavors Clean and refreshing peppermint flavors.
Brewing Time 5 minutes
Brewing Temperature 212° F

Organic Peppermint

It's great to have an organic version of peppermint tea. Refreshing and brisk, it's one of our favorite herbals – delicious served hot or iced. Caffeine-free. Sourced from Oregon, our peppermint is certified Organic by the USDA Organic Program. Kosher.
It's great to have an organic version of one of our favorite herbals.
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Organic Peppermint – Loose Tea, Sample
SKU: 49008-243
Organic Peppermint – Loose Tea, 1.5 oz Tin
SKU: 44348
Organic Peppermint – Loose Tea, 3 oz Tin
SKU: 48250
Organic Peppermint – Loose Tea, 1 lb Bag
SKU: 41767
Organic Peppermint Herbal – Tea Bags, Box of 20
SKU: 30094
Organic Peppermint Herbal – Tea Bags, Box of 50
SKU: 10119

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It's great to have an organic version of one of our favorite herbals.

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The BEST mint tea out there!
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This is my go-to, every-morning tea. I've tried many, many peppermint teas and this one is clear tasting, is great without sweetening it, wakes me up anytime I need a lift. I highly recommend it and I also love that is is organic!



Great mint tea, and it's made in the USA!
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This is a great tasting mint tea with a wonderful minty aroma. Tastes great plain. I sometimes like to mix it with green teas or other things as well if I want caffeine with it.

I was delighted to find an organic tea from Harney that is sourced in the USA because I've heard about elevated lead levels in tea from China. Hopefully Harney has more organic USA-sourced teas coming soon!



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Found this tea in a college coffee shop and it is now my favorite. Super smooth and leaves you feeling refreshed and less stressed out. It even tastes good lukewarm in case you forget about your tea (such a problem).

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