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Whether you’re a dessert devotee, candy connoisseur or latte lover, giving up your favorite things in an effort to slim down, improve your overall health or any other reason is no easy task. The good news? Your diet does not need to be restricted to kale and cauliflower. We have a selection of sugar-free, zero-calorie teas that will help you conquer your most persistent cravings so you can focus more on your goals and less on the chocolates in your cabinet.

Dessert Substitutes

If you have a serious confection affection, these no-calorie alternatives will help quell your cravings. If biting into a warm brownie sounds like heaven on earth, you’ll love our Chocolate Tea. If eating vanilla ice cream straight out of the carton sounds like the ideal Friday night, you’ll enjoy our Vanilla Comoro tea. If saying no to a piece of pie seems impossible, our Blueberry Green tea will surely hit the spot.

Candy Substitutes

If you find yourself constantly reaching for the candy jar, our selection of sweet, sugar-free teas will help satisfy that craving. If you’re a fan of fruity candies you’ll love our Fruit Teas. If you like spicy, cinnamon candies, our bestselling Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea is a perfect substitute. If mint candies are your thing, you’ll love our Chocolate Mint Tea.

Drink Substitutes

So you have a hard time skipping your morning latte or evening brew? Our Chai Tea will help you bypass the coffee shop on your way to work. Can’t say no to a drink after a long day? Our New England Teamaker Hops taste similar to the hops in your favorite beer and Lapsang Souchong is as smooth as Tennessee whiskey.

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